Banana Loaf

My search for ripe bananas was successful yesterday and last night I made this yummy banana loaf.  It is yummy, really moist and very bananaeee, I had to eat 3 pieces when I got back from Yoga.  It is dairy free too, in that it doesn’t contain any butter.

Banana loaf
Banana loaf
Banana loaf up close
Banana loaf up close

3 thoughts on “Banana Loaf

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  1. That looks very yummy indeed. Think I’ll have that for my next tea party!
    Oh and by the way – I always seem to have ripe bananas and I don’t like eating them like that.
    Looks like you’ve been busy missus, well done.

  2. If only I’d known – we’ve got loads of over ripe bananas at whitespace – always check here first!
    Looks so tasty..maybe you could add a little spec of icing…..!

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